Flowery Branch High School | 6603 Spout Springs Rd., Flowery Branch , GA

  • April 11, 2018

    GHSA Cheerleader Rules and Regulations



    Cheerleaders must attend ALL practices, events, games, and competitions in the proper attire and uniform. A uniform consist of tennis shoes, white socks, practice shorts, practice shirt, bloomer, sports bra, skirt, shell, and bow. Cheerleaders in season MUST keep nails short (below fingertips) with NO POLISH or COLOR of any kind. Cheerleaders must be have hair pulled up completely off the shoulders in a ponytail BEFORE the start of a practice, event, game, or competition. Cheerleaders WILL NOT wear any form of jewelry during practice, events, games, or competitions. These are GHSA rules and regulations and when broken our program is subject to be fined.